Interior Design

Our team of highly qualified designers will take charge of your project throughout the creation period. The strength of our company is to provide a quality turnkey service that meets your tastes, needs and budget. What matters to us is your satisfaction.

The first encounter with the customer is to exchange ideas; We look at the plan and we evaluate the possible changes. Ex: style, materials, etc.)

At the second meeting, we present the plan with the elevations. The customer gives us his opinion on the work done and we discuss with him any changes that may be necessary.

Upon acceptance of the amended plan, we proceed to the signing of the contract. We ask for a 30% deposit upon signing, a 60% deposit upon delivery and a 10% deposit upon finalisation of the project.

We then finish the complete selection of each material, while one of our specialists makes the final measures on site where renovations will take place.

The measurements are then compared to the plan to obtain the final drawings, which are necessary for production.

Once in production, the craftsmen build the project according to the final plans.

When the construction stage is over, our experts go on-site for installation. Delivery and installation take place the same day, however, the installation time depends on the size of the project, so it could happen that the the work lasts a few days.

If the project involves a quartz, granite or marble counter, our employees will take the measurements and install the counter themselves within 10 days.

At the end, all you have to do is enjoy your new acquisition!